Conducteurs d'Autobus Scolaires Kapuskasing 2120111

Kapuskasing, ON

Stock Transportation est a la recherche de conducteur/conductrice d'autobus scolaire et de moniteur/monitrice a temps plein et a temps partiel pour la region de Hearst, Kapuskasing et Smooth Rock Falls.

Tout conducteur/conductrice avec un permis de conduire B et moniteur/monitrice qui se joindre a notre equipe sont eligible de recevoir une prime de $250.00 (certain conditions s'appliquent).


Pour plus d'information communiquez avec nous. 705-672-3341


Stock Transportation Ltd.

Stock Transportation Ltd.

The search for the right employee is paramount to our success because the best team = the safest students.

At Stock Transportation, everything we do is graded on the performance of our front line and our behind the scenes support. We heavily invest resources in employee recruitment and training because good employees can be hard to find.

We expect all employees to meet stringent selection criteria, which includes an extensive interview process and background checks.

We are always looking for qualified drivers and quality employees. If you are at least 21 years of age (or 18 years of age for monitors), think you've got what it takes and are interested in the benefits listed below, apply or contact us today!

  • Competitive wage package
  • Part-time morning and afternoon hours (drivers and monitors)
  • Limited nights or weekends
  • Training and development
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Community involvement
  • Safety for children


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